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Large Projects. Tight Deadlines. Talent Shortages.

The Connors Group provides the solution with contract-to-hire and staff augmentation optionsOur candidates have the credentials, skills, and experience you need to fit in seamlessly with your existing team and deliver immediate value.  

Why Staff Augmentation?

We provide highly qualified temporary staff to supplement your existing team and contribute to a projects’ overall success. Many of our consultants perform so well, their contract is extended or they are asked to stay on permanently.  

Staff Augmentation enables you to: 

  • Bring in SMEs quickly. 
  • Support urgent needs and rapid growth! 
  • Add consultants as needed without increasing headcount. 
  • Choose short- or long-term options. 
  • Save on specialized skills. 
  • Access in demand-talent 

Why Contract-to-Hire?

When the long-term workload is unclear, during times of unexpected growth, or when a full-time hiring process will impact a project, contract-to-hire is the ideal solution. 

 Contract-to-hire helps employers: 

  • Reduce the risk of making a wrong hire. 
  • Increase hiring flexibility when long-term needs are uncertain. 
  • Expedite the interview process. 
  • Enable you and the candidate to evaluate fit firsthand. 

Staff Augmentation Or Contract-To-Hire, Get The Talent You Need When You Need It 

We provide industry-specific experts critically vetted to fill specialized roles in information technology, digital/eCommerce, business transformation, corporate functions, and more. 

If you’re looking for a results-driven and relationship-focused recruiting partner, contact The Connors Group today! 

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