The Connors Approach

Utilizing six phases to acquire the top talent:

1. Requirements Definition

You will meet with us so we can develop a detailed understanding of your requirements for the position. This includes “soft” requirements such as consideration to company style and culture.

2. Candidate Search

A multi-point search process is used to develop a roster of preliminary candidates for you. This incorporates:

  • Access to our large network of passive candidates
  • Leverage of our connections to industry-specific colleagues who identify candidates and validate their skills (we do not use the internet to recruit….ever)
  • Close-knit relationships: the majority of candidates come from professional references by business associates or they are individuals with whom we have personal experience
  • Seasoned recruiters at The Connors Group who are constantly “mining” their resources
  • An in-house research department that generates additional candidate leads based on targeted search criteria
  • Timely involvement of our staff to optimize their effectiveness for you

3. Candidate Qualification

You will only be asked to engage with candidates who we know are a good fit by:

  • Interviewing candidates to pre-qualify them for a position’s requirement
  • Taking into account the style and culture of your organization
  • Vetting references as private queries within our professional networks
  • Providing additional pre-screening activities such as background and credit checks before interviewing, as needed

4. Interview Management

The Connors Group will manage the interview process for you by:

  • Scheduling any interview activity you require
  • Using your feedback to hone our selection criteria
  • Continually refining our application of your needs until we have found a candidate of your choice

5. Closing the Deal

After we’ve found the right candidate, then we close the deal with:

  • Assisting clients to construct offer scenarios that are reasonable and effective in attracting the candidate of their choice
  • Determining the candidate’s real compensation requirements as well as any special considerations that should be taken into account such as planned vacations or notice requirements
  • Formal reference checks which include soliciting the reference’s opinion of a candidate’s potential effectiveness in the new role

6. Post-hire Follow-up

To ensure the effectiveness of the on-boarding process, we maintain regular contact with both the hiring manager and the candidate. We will validate that we have met your expectations.

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