The Connors Group Approach

Our Greater New York area executive search firm can supplement your recruitment and hiring process for roles in information technology (IT), digital marketing, eCommerce, supply chain, and consulting.

Our approach, industry knowledge, and marketplace expertise make The Connors Group the ideal partner to successfully lead your search.

We provide the appropriate resources in a timely and cost-effective manner.

There are seven phases that The Connors Group utilizes to assist our clients in hiring top-tier talent as outlined below.

1. Requirements Definition

During the first interaction with you as our client, we work to develop a very detailed understanding of the requirements for the position including consideration for company culture. We seek to understand the keys to a successful hire for the role you are looking to fill through extensive questioning and conversation. This information is used to drive our executive search firm’s recruitment and hiring process throughout New York and nationwide.

2. Clarifying the Why

In this highly competitive market for industry top talent it is critical to have a compelling story for why someone should join your company. This information is used to help engage passive candidates.

3. Candidate Search

We utilize a multi-point search process to develop a roster of target candidates including:

  • “Top of Mind” candidates built from years of industry knowledge
  • Our large database of passive candidates
  • Referrals from leveraging our deep networks
  • Targeted searches via our research team

4. Candidate Qualification and Presentation

We personally interview all candidates to pre-qualify them for the position before presenting them. Our presentations will always answer why we believe the candidate to be a fit for the role and highlight what they bring to the table along with providing salary expectations and addressing any areas of concern.

5. Interview Management

Besides the role we play in helping to schedule interviews, we also see this as an opportunity to use you feedback to hone our search. We consider this to be an iterative process and will continually refine our search and selection process until you have identified the right hire.

6. “Closing the Deal”

We assist you in constructing offers that are reasonable and effective in attracting the candidate of your choice. We will help you determine what the candidate’s real compensation requirements are as well as any special considerations such as planned vacation, notice requirements, or upcoming bonuses.

Of course, our executive search firm also provides formal reference checks which include soliciting the reference’s opinion of the candidate’s potential effectiveness in the new role at hand.

7. Post-hire Follow-up

We put a great deal of emphasis on ensuring we have met or surpassed your expectations as well as verifying that your new hire is settling in well. This effort to sustain our relationships with you and the candidate is exactly why we have such an effective professional network and a strong track record of referrals and repeat business.

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