Candidate of the Day: Veteran JD Edwards Pioneer

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  • Began career coding software, developing custom modifications, and implementing business modules.
  • Transitioned to advanced technology strategies, installing and upgrading systems, and performed many conversions and system integrations.
  • Serviced close to 80 domestic and international clients.
  • Role as implementation, support, and training specialist allowed him to flip his career from technology-centric services to functional and business practices.
  • Finds great passion in giving product demonstrations and training sessions that captivate and educate audience at all levels of the company.
  • The highlight of their career was a nine-day implementation and training assignment conducted in the United Arab Emirates. Learning the culture, indulging in the cuisine, and making connections around the world are rewarding experiences and career pinnacles.
  • Interests include studying technology advances in the world of automation, as well as creating and designing high quality mixed media presentations and learning modules.
  • Has a small philanthropy organization where  acquire and cleanup buckets of Lego building blocks and ship them to orphanages around the world.
  • In their spare time, enjoys the surf and deep-sea fishing, wrestling with the mammoths of the ocean.


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