Candidate Highlight: Human Resources Manager

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What makes an outstanding Human Resources Manager? Leadership along with sharp analytical skills!
This candidate is a Human Resources professional having considerable expertise in all aspects of Human Resources with significant experience in Compensation and Benefits along with a CPA.
  • Reads the financial statements and puts them into HR’s future values with an accurate analysis of raw data. This skill comes with advanced knowledge in Excel and Word.
  • Most recently was responsible for managing all aspects of Human Resources, including payroll budgeting, planning, organizing, and implementing policies and programs.
  • This HR Manager’s core value comes from Compensation and Benefits perspective so as to ensure fair and equitable treatment of all employees in compliance with all company policies and legal aspects of employee/employer relationships.
  • Having lived around the globe and obtained her undergraduate degree in Paris, she has a passion for luxury retail. Very active in fashion-forward environments learning, exploring and expanding in her personal YouTube presence displaying her style and trends in luxury goods.

The candidate truly believes in the value of humans. Their enthusiasm and strong desire to elevate their career to the next level would make this candidate a real gem to any potential employer!


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