Candidate Highlight: Graphic Designer

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This incredible Graphic Designer’s professional experience in print and multimedia design has allowed them to work with many of the world’s leading brands in telling stories through packaging, marketing, and product design. This experience allow them to be an efficient creative team member.
In their most recent role, they were tasked with creating brand specific collateral for products across all marketing platforms. They coordinated with the Merchandising and Product Design teams as well as communicated directly with production facilities to process purchase orders for collateral assembly.
Along with the tasks listed above, other daily responsibilities included completing sell sheets in preparation for Sales / Client meetings, editing all in-house videos for appropriate presentation and developing large scale graphics to be used at company trade show booths. 
Candidate has a strong understanding of the Adobe platforms and is broadening creative vision by exploring other creative outlets as well.
This talent is bright, polished, and has a wonderful personality! Given the opportunity, they would bring experience, enthusiasm and strong desire to enhance their skills which would make them a productive contributor to any potential employer!
Location: NYC/NY

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