Resources For Remote Onboarding

Remote onboarding has been a big topic in the wake up Covid-19, as entire companies have been forced to work from home and navigate how to engage their employees virtually. Whether in-person or online, no period in the employment lifecycle is more important than an employee’s first 90 days on the job. We’ve curated a list of articles that are great resources on remote onboarding that could be a great benefit to you and your team!


  • An HR checklist for onboarding remote workers to get new hires up to speed on their roles, your business and key policies
    • Send new hires IT hardware and manuals
    • Gift new hires company swag
    • Help new remote employees complete HR paperwork
    • Get them up to speed on your company culture
    • Ensure new hires understand how to use your communication tools
    • Prompt hiring managers to set specific goals and expectations
    • Arrange a training with your IT department
    • Schedule calls after their first week, month and quarter to touch base
  • Best practices for onboarding remote employees and integrating them into your company culture
    • Face-to-Face Connections
    • Set Expectations
    • Make New Workers Feel Welcome
    • Refine the Onboarding Process
  • Looking at some startups that are succeeding at remote work, a few key elements when it comes to onboarding a remote teammate.
    • Invest in a support system
    • Foster a digital culture of camaraderie
  • Key steps to take to develop and implement a successful virtual onboarding process.
    • Streamline the number of activities
    • Educate managers on the importance of one-to-one time with direct reports
    • Lean into digital tools to forge shared communities (and engagement)
  • Best practices and tips to make your virtual onboarding process succeed.
    • Establish personal connections
    • Design a roadmap for success
    • Build an engaging virtual culture
    • Create a clear onboarding path

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