Candidate Highlight: High Potential Software Engineer


Highlighting our top talent, below is a description of a high potential Software Engineer with with 3 years of strong back-end development background, with Python, Postgres SQL & Linux. 

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This candidate is an accomplished Software Developer specializing in backend Python applications. He has worked on several interesting projects for the government including one that is still in testing with the DOD. The project involves an Android application that authenticates a user based on their phone’s IMU sensor data. He first developed this complex machine learning algorithm in Matlab and Python, but then converted it to C++. This not only allowed an efficient and streamlined backend, but it also created a highly optimized Android application because C++ was run natively on the phone.

Another interesting project involved a proprietary autonomous drone package delivery system. He spearheaded the development of a path finding algorithm that could dynamically change based on newly incoming obstacles. He also created a library that abstracted the low-level communication between drones.

Aside from the software development he does at work, this candidate also likes to work on fun projects at home too. Before the COVID-19 outbreak he was finalizing his submission to Google’s Machine Learning March Madness competition. As an avid sports fan, he wanted to combine his love for college basketball with his accomplished software skills to create an algorithm that would most accurately predict this year’s tournament results. Sadly, he’ll have to wait until next year to see his hard work payoff. 

He lives in Hoboken, and was recently laid off due to the impact COVID 19 had on his company. If you are interested in learning more about what he brings to the table reach out to Sheri Breitstein!

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